It's been a while since I posted. And a lot has happened, so here's an update...

Last June, Shane and I were in Chiang Mai, where we were working with an NGO and housesitting our way around the world. We were planning on being there for several months still, but we got some news. In less than 48 hours, three things happened...

Firstly, Shane's former boss called him out of the blue to offer him his old position back, just north of Montreal.

Secondly, our Thai visa, which was supposed to last until March 2018, was not extended.

And thirdly, after a miscarriage last year, we were blessed to find out that we are expecting again. And this time, baby's sticking around.

Shane and I tend to live our lives trusting that Life/the Universe/God tells us clearly what to do next. And, this time, it was abundantly clear for us: we had to go home to Canada. So we did.

We arrived back in Montreal on July 25 and have been settling back into "normal life" slowly. The shock has been somewhat intense, particularly for Shane who is still feeling "travel withdrawals". As for me, I'm happy to be close to my family and friends. And I love the city of Montreal. There is nowhere else in the world like it.

So we're taking a break from travelling. We're pressing the pause button for a while.

We're back in Montreal for a while to start our family on the right foot and to give me a chance to slow down a bit. I worked tirelessly while on the road, and pregnancy is making me quite tired. So it's time for me to slow down, for my body and for our growing baby.

We will back on the road again at some point. It's in our DNA; we can't escape it. One day, not now...

Take care,