I work as a translator and run my own business.

I have been married for seven years.

I am strong, confident woman.


Those are facts.

But the problem with facts is that they are not complete. A fact captures a point in time, a specific state of affairs, a number. Although useful starting points, facts do not tell the whole story.

They do not take into account any of the work necessary to make them happen. They cannot tell you about the countless hours - including weekends and evenings - I have spent building my business. They cannot tell you that my husband and I almost called it quits a few times. They cannot tell you that I have been fighting through anxiety attacks for almost a year as a result of years of accumulated stress and tension.

Snapshots only shine light on results. The problem? It's not about results.

Anyone can produce results. The goal is character. And when you are faced with a challenge, that's when your character is formed. In fact, a person's values are only strengthened through trial. Because values are not facts; they are mindsets.

How your reach your destination is as important as getting there at all. It's the difference between war and revolution. Between democracy and dictatorship. Between dedication and obsession.

Enjoy the snapshot, take in the results. But don't overlook the process that made it happen.