Ok, we're behind. Time sure has flown since our last post... Here's an update to catch you up. :)

See, the thing with long-term travel is that it is a lifestyle, not a holiday. Days add up and, before you know it, weeks even months have passed. You spend some of your days doing normal life things, just like you would at home: pay the bills, do the laundry, cook dinner, etc. Some other days, you get to explore where you are, meet new people and try new things. It's wonderful and it's also exhausting!

In early September, we exchanged pad thai and scooters for koalas and meat pies. Yeah, we're now in Australia! We spent a few days with an old friend in Maitland, a week in Sydney (What a beautiful city!) and then we flew up to Mackay, Queensland, where we are housesitting for 7 weeks. We are taking care of a lovely staffy with endless energy and a home a block away from a beautiful beach.

Last days in Thailand

We have had the chance to reconnect with two sisters from Mackay who spent a year in Banff with Shane about a dozen years ago. We're finally making good on Shane's promise to come visit and it's been wonderful meeting them! So, for now, we are enjoying the warming weather, the incredibly sunny days and time with old and new friends...

Oh, and I'm working. A lot. :)

First few weeks in Australia