This week marks the 154th anniversary of the birth of Ranong Province, where we currently live. To celebrate the occasion, the Thai government put on massive celebrations over the last two days, only a block away from our house. I realize that the 154th anniversary is a weird one to be celebrating. You'd expect the 150th or 155th anniversary to get all the attention but, as our friend Judy explained to us, the government recently deployed promotional initiatives to encourage tourism (local and international) to the various provinces of Thailand. Hence, this year's celebrations...

Not only were the costumes incredibly elaborate and the festivities impressive, but I'm pretty certain that Shane and I were the only foreign people there. It was incredible to witness the real Thailand. Not the Thailand that flaunts its culture for the benefit of voyeuristic tourists or the Thailand that refrains from making waves out of modesty. We witnessed true Thai pride and it was wonderful! We didn't understand a single word of the entire 2-hour show but, thankfully, we ran into our friend Jieb and she gave us the broad lines!

Photos cannot do justice to the scale and colourfulness of the event. Still, here are a few of the ones I took so you get an idea of the atmosphere. Hope you enjoy!