Last night, we said goodbye to our friends, Camille and Franck, who have left us their house in Ranong, Thailand for three months. We woke up this morning eager to explore Ranong. So when the power went out and our breakfast plans were spoiled, we headed over to Big C, the brand spanking new shopping mall in town and loaded up on groceries. After unloading it at home, we hopped in the truck and headed north on Highway 4, the highway spans the province of Ranong from the north to the south.

Our first stop: the Punyaban Waterfall, just outside the city. A quaint place with barely anyone there, and pristine water begging for us to jump in. Foreigners pay 100 Baht to get in (about 3.5$ CAD) and it is worth every penny! Here's the proof:

We then stopped by the Ranong Port. The view was spectacular... By the way, the mountains in the background are actually in Myanmar. The border is right in the middle of the river. :)

On our way, we saw the entrance to the Blue Sky Resort @ Ranong, a name we'd seen come up on Instagram repeatedly when looking up #Ranong. We stopped by to check the place out. Who knows... maybe we'll stop by for a night at some point. With that view, it would stupid not too!

(Fun fact: the brown pool at the bottom of the photo above is actually a shrimp farm! They are everywhere here.)

One last photo: This is Ruangrat street in Ranong, about a block away from our house. It's a busy, busy place and it's fascinating!