World Travellers. Digital Nomads. Seekers of Experiences.

Annik and Shane met in Banff, Canada in 2005. After a few years together in the Rocky Mountains, they moved to Montreal to be closer to Annik's family. They spent five years in Quebec, working, paying the bills and playing house. But soon, adventure called...


So in May 2016, they packed their stuff, sold all their things and hit the road. They left Canada with a one-way ticket in hand, a few dollars in the bank, and a head full of dreams.


Annik owns Attaché Communications, a firm that provides translation and copywriting services. Shane is a steam engineer, golf professional and IT technician, blogging and volunteering his time while on the road.


They are proud digital nomads, working their way around the world as they experience new cultures and store a lifetime of memories.